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Want to create a website where do I start

All best website builders can be divided using such criteria:

  • Free and paid. As a rule, there is no such thing as purely ‘free of charge’ website maker – it is just one of many tariff plans, which they possess. But there are free plans that do not push users to migrate to any other subscription plan forcibly (like cutting off their usage time), so you can endlessly sit on this plan if you’re okay with advertising of the site builder all over your site and artificially established limitations (like storage space, bandwidth, a number of pages in a site, impossibility to make social media integration, viewing site statistics, have SEO tools, limited personification, and many other points). Greate reviews from
  • Specialized and general. The specialized ones are finely tuned for one or a few directions of websites: blogs, e-shops, media gallery, landing pages, and so on. They are likely to be bad or lower-than-average for other types of websites but that won’t matter if you choose them to build a specialized website. General ones may be equally good or equally bad for all websites, allowing its users to select from a number of templates to start with or throwing a possibility to start making pages from scratch (the last option refers to more professional website makers and so users may experience broader freedom of adjustment and personification). General website creation services are usually average (4 out of 5 stars) based on consumers rating.
  • For professionals and for amateurs. The first ones’ leader is with the anything-possible approach. It allows building websites of varying complexity based on experience and knowledge that a user has, allowing working with a visual editor for beginners and with HTML code for advanced users. Pros usually choose site builders that allow getting into the code and downloading the pages or the entire site to work with it offline. Professional people-builders are usually interested in making a website tuned to their needs, filled with widgets and a possibility to connect to databases, optimized in load speed and SEO, availability of making backup, as well as embedding various processes into the sites (like collecting visitor’s contact data and statistics, breaking down to various parameters of tracking their on-site activity, and allowing smooth sales processes and everything that is around) to make them as useful as possible. Amateurs are usually interested in polar things like representing information on the website’s pages to describe what they are and what they do.

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